Vancouver, BC's seawall is a a 28km path that takes you through an amazing scenic journey.

Starting in Coal Harbour, you get a stunning view of the North Shore mountains and the beutiful city of North Vancouver at its base.  Catch a glimpse of the Harbour Air Seaplanes taking off and landing in the the burrard inlet. At night this area is well lit up with the sailes of Canada Place, one of Vancouvers cruise ship terminals (remember crouses before covid? me neither...

The towers of the West End, and a lonely Cheveron gaststin, which is the only gas station in the area.

@iamgroot11 - c 2020

From the moment you walk into Stanely Park, take a little detour under the highway causeway bridge to Lost Lagoon and enjoy the scenic views and unique creatures, this is also a good shortcut if you just want to get to the other side of the park.

.... to be continued.